"Let us do everything that we leave to the next generation, the children of today, a world that not only provides them with the necessary habitat, but also with an environment that allows life and the joy of living."

Richard von Weizsäcker (*1920), 1984-94 President of Federal Republic of Germany

Photovoltaic and solar thermal energy production is, in our opinion ,the currently most sustainable energy source to solve our energy problems. These are both clean and silent. They can be installed anywhere - without drawbacks and burdens to the parties directly involved or other third parties.

Within the meaning of the above quotation take advantage of the possibilities of solar energy for yourselve and the future of our children and grandchildren as a long -term investment on your own or a third-party hired roof, which provide us not only clean power, but provides a solid and profitable alternative investment.

In consideration of quality principles in the conception and design of your power plant and equipment, Your investment is better than any currently known - because the sun without interruption brings return. It is a good thing, no matter what ever is Your motivation!

We are a member of Zentralverband der Deutschen Elektro- und Informationstechnischen Handwerke

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Managing Director
Herr Dipl.-Ing. Dirk Lorich

Mr. Lorich studied after graduating from high school at the RWTH Aachen, mechanical engineering with emphasis on process engineering. After 4 years in a reputed engineering office in Dortmund, first in the measurement- and control technology, then in order processing in the Department of Environmental Engineering, he started his own business and has since been working as a business consultant, managing partner in several companies, such as financial planner, as developers and is Managing Director of SunAirgy Ingenieur mbH since 2010.