Sometimes it pays more to think about money, than to work for it!

In view of increasing uncertainty in conventional investments with institutional investors such as banks, trustees and asset managements, the desire for security, transparency and sustainability of the investment is continuously in the focus of investors, again.
  • Motives
    • Transparency of investment
    • Flexibility and participation in withdrawals
    • Long-term security of investment by government guarantees
    • Tax deductibility
    • Investment in property values, rather than in artificial "financial bubbles"
    • Manageability through a single project / individual projects
    • Guaranteed returns
    • Fix temporal horizon and thus predictability

It is certain that there are massive problems for humans to maintain the necessary environmental quality. For this reason mainly the European countries promote (especially Germany, followed by Spain, Italy and, increasingly, the CIS countries) the construction of Solar power plants to generate electricity using photovoltaics and they guarantee a 20-year feed-in tariff, which secures investment from maximum.

REMARK: The risk of the investment will be reduced to a minimum by the choice and selection of high-quality and branded hardeware components, such as panels, inverters and mounting systems.

  • Benefits
    • Secured income (return)
    • Insurance of the properties of the plant (income loss, theft, vandalism, etc.)
    • Fix temporal horizon and thus predictability
    • Tax deductibility
    • No default risk of the income
    • No risk of default of rent, which can be found at a property
    • Tax deductibility (100% depreciation to 20 years)
    • Transparency and participation in the participation model or
    • Own PV system as part of the system on foreign roof
    • Returns on equity up to 8% per year (excluding tax benefits)
    • Low maintenance costs
    • Investment in property values according to the principles of valuation of the financing bank
    • Active contribution to protection of environment

What ever your motivation should be: You make a significant contribution to protect our environment and also do something for your wallet.


Have we piqued your interest? Contact us! With pleasure, we will send to you information on our current PV projects, of course build in traditional "SunAirgy quality".

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